Frequently Asked Questions

Where does JetGet fly?

Our certified operators fly out of Teterboro airport in Teterboro, NJ only 9 miles from Manhattan. We currently run flights through our operators as our customers agent pursuant to East and West Hampton.


What makes JetGet preferable to driving?

If you have ever driven to the Hamptons on a Friday afternoon, you know why you should fly. The endless bumper to bumper traffic in the hot summer sun is enough to make any normal person crazy. Though driving might save you some money, you ultimately lose a great piece of your free time to stressful traffic.

With JetGet you will save loads of valuable time that you would otherwise spend behind the wheel. JetGet promises to get you to your destination as quickly as possible and allows you to work or relax on one of our certified operators flights.


How does JetGet make the flight process more enjoyable?

In an old industry where little has changed, we give you what our competitors cannot. You can book flights in 3-clicks or less, no lines, no fees, arrive at the airport right before your flight, no hustle.


What makes a JetGet different from flying with traditional commercial airlines?

Commercial air travel is full of complicated, stressful, and expensive fees that ruins the flying experience. From long security lines to long boarding lines to delays commercial flights end in spending not just extra money, but lots of wasted time. JetGet is starting a revolution. We gives you the freedom, to flying the way it should be.


What is different from flying JetGet from private or charter?

In terms of the luxury and experience, JetGet offers a similar experience to a private charter. With JetGet you receive the private flight experience without the private price tag. Many of our flights are scheduled, however, if you don’t see a time that fits your needs let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you, we are here for you!


What are the benefits of a JetGet subscription?

Other than being a part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals, our subscribers can enjoy the Luxury World Traveler concierge service, arrive at the airport fifteen minutes before flights, and a consistent New York-Hamptons flight schedule they can rely on.


Is a JetGet subscription ideal for me?

If you drive to the hamptons four or more times a summer, you need a JetGet subscription. No reason to waste play time in traffic when you could be on the beach.


Can others join me on flights?

Of course, the more the merrier!


How does JetGet networking work?

At JetGet you are more than just a traveler. We aim to create a real community of like-minded individuals coming together to enjoy a better travel experience. With JetGet, you’re part of something bigger than just traveling, you are part of a community that prioritizes more time doing the things you enjoy.


What if I want to cancel my flight?

We understand events can happen unforeseen. JetGet will assess a fee for all voluntary rerouting or cancellations for most advance ticket purchases.


Are there any fees for changing my flight?

There are no fees for changing flights with JetGet. However, changes must be done at least two days prior to a flight.


What are the luggage fees?

With JetGet there are absolutely no luggage fees. We allow medium sized bags up to 30 pounds a passenger.


What services will be at your airports?

Waiting for you at the terminals are beverages, snacks, wifi, bathrooms, plenty of outlets to charge your devices, and free parking.


How far in advance will I be able to reserve my seat?

You are able to book flights three weeks in advance or up to two hours before your flight (if seats are still available). We aim to make the process as simple as possible.


How many flights may I reserve?

You can reserve two flights at any given time.


What if the flight I want is booked?

If you find the flight you want to be booked, you will automatically be added to the waitlist in case the flight becomes available.


How do I cancel a reservation if I'm not going to make it?

Just login or call and cancel your flight. We strongly encourage you to cancel if you are unable to make it, so that a seat may open up for another JetGet traveler.


What if I miss my flight?

If you happen to miss your flight and fail to cancel forty-eight hours before your departure, you will lose your flight. We want to encourage you to be responsible and allow the full flying experience to everyone involved.



What kind of aircraft do your operators fly?

Our operators fly the Pilatus PC-12, Piaggio Avanit, BAE Jetstream 31, Citation Bravo, Beechcraft King Air 350, Hawker 400 XP, Hawker 800, and Bombardier Challenger’s. We guarantee you will always have a spacious and comfortable leather seat on any of our operators aircraft.



Are the aircraft loud?

Every aircraft is different, but our operators aircraft are quieter than most private jets. You will be able to comfortably talk with the others, sleep, and work if necessary.



Who flies the aircraft?

Our operators pilots have flown thousands of passengers and have over 10,000 flight hours. They were selected based on experience, achievement, safety commitment, and an affinity for personal service.


Is there a restroom on the aircraft?

There is a small private restroom.



How many bags may I bring?

One piece of luggage, like a weekend bag. We request that luggage be less than thirty  pounds and outside measurements should not exceed a linear fifty inches.



What if my flight gets canceled due to weather?

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. For instance a thunderstorm can prevent our operators aircraft from taking off or landing. We promise to do our best to make up the time, but cannot make any guarantees that flights will operate according to schedule.



How safe are your aircraft?

As a company that believes in the highest standard of safety for not only our passengers, but everyone involved with the aircraft, we maintain that our operators maintain the highest safety standards in the industry including Wyvern.


What security measures do you use?

Our operators conduct security checks on all travelers.



What are your plans for expansion?

At the end of the summer we will expand operations to the Burning Man Festival and US Open for our customers convenience. We plan to help customers attend their favorite experiences in the most exclusive, fun, and luxurious way possible.




Velocity 17 LLC d/b/a JetGet is not an air carrier. JetGet arranges flights provided by certified air charter operators authorized by the FAA and DOT to provide on-demand air transportation. JetGet acts as charter agent for the passenger or carrier, arranging passengers’ booking, departure timing and local concierge services.