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Fly From New York City on a Private Charter Jet

Our Charter Flights Will Jet You There In Style

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How It Works

Why feel pressured to book a whole private jet, when you could just pay for yourself? Pay your part and leave the rest to us. No hidden fees and Three-click booking for your convenience.

Book your flight starting at $380 and be assured that soon you will be entering a world of ease and comfort.

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A New Way To Fly

We are all about efficiency and convenience. No dreaded security lines. Stroll up to the terminal and walk right up to your plane, no hassle necessary. Destinations include New York, Boston, Stowe, and the Hamptons!

For those of you planning to spend most of your time out East, we have created a subscription service to take unlimited advantage of our scheduled Hamptons flights for $6000 per month.

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The JetGet Advantage

We are the only air charter arranger connecting passengers to our regional destinations without a subscription, membership, or extra fee. Come and go as you please by purchasing a seat on one of our operators' proposed flights.

Be inspired and network with like-minded travelers on our carriers' private aircraft. Make sure to use our concierge to get you everything you need, when you need it.


Escape the lights of the city; find solace once more in the luxury of comfort and relaxation. Travel in style and let yourself indulge in one of JetGet’s luxurious flights.

Take advantage of the most popular network to ensure customer satisfaction. Enjoy complimentary champagne as you enter one of JetGet’s exclusive lounges before boarding your flight.

Here you will provided with a unique VIP experience, one that cannot be simulated by any other lounge in the United States. Each aircraft provides luscious leather captain chairs, exceeding our competitors through comfort and extravagance.

So sit down, relax, and enjoy a lavish ride to paradise.

  • Fly to the Hamptons with JetGet
  • Fly to the Hamptons with JetGet
  • Fly to the Hamptons with JetGet
  • Fly from New York to the Hamptons with JetGet

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Velocity 17 LLC d/b/a JetGet is not an air carrier. JetGet arranges flights provided by certified air charter operators authorized by the FAA and DOT to provide on-demand air transportation. JetGet acts as charter agent for the passenger or carrier, arranging passengers’ booking, departure timing and local concierge services.